Genoa native Carl Falcke dies in accident |

Genoa native Carl Falcke dies in accident

by Merrie Leininger

A life-long Genoa resident died in a one-car accident Tuesday afternoon on Muller Lane.

Carl Falcke, 71, former owner of Genoa Co. construction, was killed instantly when his car went off the side of the road about 12:30 p.m. as he was traveling west on Muller Lane. Traveling at about 80 mph, according to Nevada Highway Patrol Sgt. Al Alessandra, the car went airborne at the west fork of the Carson River and hit the opposite bank, then continued on to hit a tree head-on.

“He went off the road and there was no stopping. He just drove off the edge and vaulted quite a ways, about 80 to 100 feet, hitting the opposite bank and coming to rest at the tree,” Alessandra said.

Deputy Fire Chief Steve Eisele of the East Fork Fire and Paramedic districts said two bicyclists saw the car in the embankment and called 911.

The accident occurred between the only two houses on Muller Lane, those belonging to attorney Herman Herbig and Carl Muller, who has lived in that home his whole life.

Muller, said he and Falcke both were born in the Genoa area and grew up together. Muller said he had never seen Falcke drive fast.

“It’s very strange. He goes by this road all the time and I’ve never seen him go that fast,” Muller said.

Muller, who described Falcke as a “real gentle, real nice,” person, said he had seen a lot of accidents on the road over the years, and recalled the slower-paced days when he had driven cows up the dirt road with a horse and buggy.

Falcke was a widower; his wife Hope died about 12 years ago. Their sons Randy, Rocky and Roger survive.