Genoa manager gives up Candy Dance leadership |

Genoa manager gives up Candy Dance leadership

by Jo Rafferty

One major and a few minor changes were made to plans for next year’s 85th Genoa Candy Dance Arts & Crafts Faire, including the resignation of the event chairman.

Chairman Paul Williams, also Genoa’s town manager, first told the town advisory board members Tuesday night in Genoa Town Hall that the profits this year had been sweet, with a record net of $145,788.

Later he announced the reasons he cannot be the Candy Dance chairman next year.

“I’m resigning because I’m a town employee and it ruins the spirit of volunteerism,” said Williams.

Board member Sue Knight suggested hiring a promoter from outside the town, “because it has been so hard to find a chairman in the past.”

The board chairman warned that 80-85 percent of the town’s budget comes from profits from Candy Dance.

“Two failures and this town is insolvent,” said Bill Donohue.

The offer by board member Mike Saffran to take over the position at least temporarily solved the problem.

“I’ll offer to work with you just until the dust settles,” said Saffran. “I don’t know how far I can go, though.”

Recommendations for the 2005 Candy Dance event, to be held on Sept. 24 and 25, brought up at an Oct. 18 meeting of the Candy Dance Committee, were again discussed and some decisions were made, including:

— The town lost money when it charged $3 for parking this year, so board members raised parking to $4 for 2005.

— The charge for RV parking for the weekend went from $30 to $40.

— Food vendors fees went from $600 to $700.

— The board will look into using the Orchard House for the dinner/dance, and allowing 600 people to attend instead of 500.

— Board members voted to see if the Comstock Cowboys, a country western band, could perform again this year and what they would cost.

Other items voted on by the Genoa town board members were:

— Bo Bottiggi whose position on the board would have ended this year, was unanimously voted back onto the board.

— A resolution was approved augmenting the 2004-2005 budget. Since the Town Hall roof was not replaced this year, there is $40,600 that was carried over. Add to this two grants for the roof replacement, totaling $12,000 and a Genoa Lakes HOA donation of $2,500 for roof replacement and the town has $54,600 left to budget.

— Board members agreed that Capital Drywall will repair a water-damaged ceiling in the fire bay of the old firehouse at a cost of $1,070.

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