Genoa drainage project up for bid |

Genoa drainage project up for bid

A bid to complete the longest running project in Nevada’s oldest settlement is scheduled to be awarded today.

Genoa Town Board members meet 1:30 p.m. today to examine bids on the 2010 Carson Street Drainage Project to the lowest responsive bidder.

The project will prevent water from flooding the downtown area in heavy storms. Carson Street follows the old drainage of Genoa Creek, which was rerouted south of Candy Dance Lane.

During heavy storms, floodwaters used to run down Carson Street or overflow the banks of the stream.

Under the latest proposal a pipeline will go under Foothill Road at Carson Street and then travel south down the east side of Foothill until it reaches the drainage structure for Genoa Creek at Candy Dance Lane.

Town Engineer Tim Russell estimated the project will cost $99,365.

Three firms bid on the project, including V&C Construction of Minden at $91,720, A&A Construction with a bid of $99,361 and $101,145 from Sierra Nevada Excavation of Smith.

Board members will also discuss signing an interlocal contract with the Douglas County Redevelopment Agency that will give the town an additional $25,000 to pay for the project.

The town has applied for and received a grant from the Nevada Department of Transportation for $45,000.

Once the bid is awarded, Town Manager Sheryl Gonzales said work on the project would start after Candy Dance. It should take three weeks to complete.

The Carson Street project started in 2005, but concerns over the discharge, caused the town to change its plans and the pipeline’s route at least twice.

Work to get floodwaters around Genoa has been ongoing since 2001 when the drainage between Nixon Street and Genoa Lane was begun.