Genoa bear caught in trap |

Genoa bear caught in trap

A Nevada Department of Wildlife bear trap was sprung by a bear suspected of killing four goats last year on Centennial Drive north of Genoa. A judge ruled the bear trap is not the same as a steel trap banned along roads in Nevada.
Kurt Hildebrand | The R-C

A bear was trapped Sunday night north of Genoa by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Wildlife Biologist Carl Lackey said the bear was a 6-year-old male that he captured and tagged last year in Jacks Valley.

The trap was set on Centennial Drive north of town after residents reported four goats had been killed on Saturday night.

Genoa residents were warned Sunday night that a very aggressive bear was on the prowl.

Neighbors reported a large fainting goat was dragged over the fence of a residence on Centennial and left in the middle of the road for the owners to find on Sunday morning. The remains of two of the other goats were found and a third is missing.

Wildlife officials set up a trap on Sunday morning, and neighbors reported it had been sprung around midnight.

Typically, a bear that gets into livestock is euthanized, but Lackey said that because he can’t determine for certain that the bear was the one that killed the goats, he would move it.

“There are two bears running around in Genoa right now,” he said. “I’m going to release him down south and see if that solves the problem.”

When Lackey releases a bear he conditions it, so it will be afraid of humans.

Spring is when bears come out of hibernation and are looking for something to eat, officials said.