Gates first to go for Ranchos’ Cedar Creek project |

Gates first to go for Ranchos’ Cedar Creek project

The entrance to Cedar Creek, which is seeking annexation to the Gardnerville Ranchos.
Kurt Hildebrand |

A proposal to convert a gated community in the Gardnerville Ranchos into something slightly less exclusive won approval from the Douglas County Planning Commission on Tuesday.

Cedar Creek, a 67-unit planned development off Dresslerville Road, has already removed the gates, and is in the process of turning its roads and drainage over to the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District.

The project has only seen a handful of houses built since it was approved in 2005, during the boom years before the Great Recession. In addition to the streets and drainage structure, a homeowners association is expected to maintain a wall landscaping and a clubhouse.

Under Tuesday’s approval, the clubhouse will be converted to a residence and sold.

Developer Lagunak Inc. President Jesus Rey said the 11 homeowners balked at the cost of dues to maintain all those structures. He estimated the dues would be $80-100 a month.

“Since the roads won’t be there, and the clubhouse will be gone, the fees will be much lower.”

Rey said he has been doing the maintenance and paying for everything for the last four years.

He hopes the homeowners’ association dues will be down to around $25 a month by the time everything is done.

Most of the concern about the transition centered around the Edna Ditch, which goes into a pipe at the project and brings water along the outside wall and on downstream.

Edna Ditch Co. President Ed Kleiner said crews have had to clear three downed cottonwoods from the ditch from the winter storms.

Water is expected to flow again when irrigation season begins in two weeks.

“When the federal water master opens the gate, there will be an army of guys with pitchforks to help keep the water flowing,” Kleiner said. “The amount of debris in that ditch is phenomenal.”

Another factor was the maintenance of the landscaping and wall, which may be left to the association. Rey said the project developer is seeking permission for a district from county commissioners. If that doesn’t work, the association will have to pay for that maintenance.