Gas prices rise above $2 |

Gas prices rise above $2

Staff Reports

Carson Valley residents said farewell to gas prices below $2 a gallon earlier this week after two months.

Gasoline dipped to $1.749 before it started its most recent climb.

On Monday, the lowest gas prices in Minden and Gardnerville were $1.999 a gallon.

That changed in a hurry when prices went up 9 cents at places.

By Thursday, both the Minden and Gardnerville AM/PMs reached $2.079 a gallon, which was one of the lowest prices in the twin towns.

Gas prices under $2 arrived in Carson Valley on Jan. 21.

According to the AAA Fuel Gauge report, average gas prices in Reno went up from $2.212 a month ago to $2.521 on Thursday.

The recent dip in fuel prices brought prices to their lowest levels in 12 years.

Even that’s considerably less than the more than $4 some stations were charging at the beginning of June 2012.

A gas war later that month in 2012 saw gas prices drop to $3.579. Gas prices in Carson Valley were at $3.03 a gallon in August 2010.