Gardnerville woman shot in Saturday night altercation |

Gardnerville woman shot in Saturday night altercation

Staff Reports

A 38-year-old woman was treated for a gunshot wound after an altercation in Gardnerville late Saturday night.

The victim’s husband and brother were engaged in an argument when the woman’s brother, Benjamin Dupreez, 35, produced a handgun to allegedly protect himself from her husband, Travis Belles, 38.

During a struggle for the gun, it discharged striking the victim in the abdomen, according to Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Pat Brooks.

The incident happened in the 1300 block of Waterloo Lane. Dupreez suffered numerous contusions to the head in the altercation, and both he and his sister received medical treatment for their injuries.

■ In an effort to convince authorities she was robbed, a 42-year-old South Lake Tahoe woman locked herself in the trunk of a car at the Zephyr Cove Lodge on Tuesday morning.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, an employee heard the woman banging on the inside of the trunk.

She told deputies she had been gambling at a Stateline casino and left with about $1,500 in cash. As she was walking back to her car, she claimed someone knocked her out.

Investigators discovered that the woman had gambled her paycheck.

“She fabricated the story because she was afraid to tell her husband that she had gambled away her entire paycheck,” sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Pat Brooks said.

No charges have been filed.