Gardnerville woman receives state promotion |

Gardnerville woman receives state promotion

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State of Nevada

A 20-year Gardnerville resident has been named deputy director of the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

Sheri Brueggemann has been an integral part of the director’s office management team for the last 14 years, most recently holding the position of senior fiscal officer, and was an asset to the department through the recent legislative session.

“I have always been of the belief that every organization needs a well-rounded leadership team to be successful,” said Director George Togliatti. “As we look toward the future of the Department of Public Safety it is critical to ensure that the department is prepared to meet the myriad challenges facing our nation and our state and that we establish forward-thinking strategic plans and programs with a vision that will become tomorrow’s standard. I look forward to working together with Deputy Director Brueggemann, whose expertise and experience will be invaluable in working toward this goal.”

Brueggemann has been a Nevada resident since 1980, moving from California.

“I am deeply honored and look forward to continuing to serve our great state of Nevada as deputy director of the Department of Public Safety, working closely with all the Public Safety Divisions and employees to provide excellence in public safety services to our citizens and our visitors,” she said.