Gardnerville woman admits casino embezzlement |

Gardnerville woman admits casino embezzlement

A Gardnerville Ranchos woman admitted she embezzled more than $4,000 from the Mont Bleu casino while she worked there.

Cara L. Milligan, 41, faces 1-5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for cashing in unredeemed slot machine vouchers while she was a finance clerk.

The severity of the charge was reduced as part of a plea agreement.

Milligan was ordered to return to court on May 15 for sentencing.

A woman who was free on her own recognizance when she was caught burglarizing vehicles received consecutive suspended sentences on Tuesday.

Larissa B. Lehman, 33, was granted probation so she could attend a treatment program.

“These events were a direct result of her drug abuse problem,” attorney Matthew Ence said.

Lehman was most recently arrested for entering unlocked vehicles in Stateline. She’d previously admitted to using someone else’s credit card without their permission.

She was released after entering a plea in order to enter a treatment program, but went back to her old haunts instead.

Should she fail probation, Young said she would face 24-80 months in prison on the two charges.

“Quit being a thief,” he said.

A Gardnerville man was allowed to participate in a treatment program after he admitted he was taking two shotguns to his girlfriend’s house to store.

Santino Calabrese, 33, is not allowed to have firearms because he is a heroin addict and could have been sentenced to prison.

Attorney Maria Pence said Calabrese, who is a Douglas High School graduate, suffered the trauma of the death of a close friend.

She asked District Judge Tod Young to allow Calabrese to attend the Step 1 program.

“I’ve had two clients who’ve recovered from heroin addiction out of 150,” she said. “It’s the worst addiction I’ve encountered. For 24 months after they stop, they wake up and wish they could get high. Thirty days isn’t enough, 60 days isn’t enough, sometimes even two years isn’t enough.”

Young agreed, saying no one wants to be addicted to heroin, methamphetamine or any other sort of drug.

“I can’t change your life and make you not an addict,” he said. “But you don’t have to be a practicing addict. Addiction is a difficult road. If you stumble, I expect you to get up and keep walking.”

Young ordered Calabrese to remain in custody until a bed opens up at the Reno treatment facility.

A $10,000 nationwide warrant was issued for a man who failed to appear in court for a sentencing review.

Johnny B. Jones, 58, was scheduled to appear in district court on Tuesday.

Attorney Maria Pence said she last spoke to him three months ago. She said he might be hospitalized, and that she would check.

Young said he would pull the warrant if it turned out Jones was undergoing treatment.

A Kingsbury man was allowed to undergo a drug diversion after he admitted to a felony count of possession of a controlled substance.

John J. McLaughlin III, 27, was taken into custody on Oct. 4, 2017, after deputies received a call to check on his welfare.

They found him unconscious on the floor with several Xanax.

He has been in custody ever since.

“This is the longest I’ve been clean in seven years,” he said.

If successful at the diversion program, McLaughlin could withdraw his plea and the felony would be dismissed.

If he fails the program, he would receive mandatory probation on the charge.

A trial in a felony domestic battery will go forward after District Judge Tod Young rejected a challenge to a preliminary hearing.

Don Collins Peterson IV, 44, challenged the introduction of evidence that he’d been convicted of a prior domestic battery at a preliminary hearing.

The case is set for a June jury trial with a preliminary hearing on June 5.

A Reno man wanted in raids on Walmarts in three counties is in custody in Carson City and has a warrant for his arrest on felony theft out of Churchill County.

Clarence Wayne Garcia, 35, was arrested in the hallway outside district court on March 6 as he was leaving a hearing.

He and driver Stefanie Marie Chapa waived their preliminary hearings and were bound over to district court.

Chapa failed to appear last week because she was being held in one of the other jurisdictions.

District Judge Tod Young issued a warrant for Garcia’s arrest to ensure he would return to court.

Garcia, Chapa and Ross Baynard, 27, were detained on Feb 17 after they allegedly took cameras from the Gardnerville Walmart. Baynard tried to run from a deputy, who had several motorists stop and help him, before the deputy used his Tazer. A probe lodged itself in Baynard’s scalp.

■ A charge of possession of a controlled substance was dismissed with prejudice against a South Lake Tahoe man in custody in connection with two thefts in Stateline.

David J. Martinez has been in custody since he was arrested on the warrants on Feb. 1. The possession charge was dismissed after it was learned Martinez had an old prescription for the pills he had.

District Judge Tod Young set an April 17 sentencing date for Martinez, who is facing felony theft charges.

The judge refused to allow Martinez out of jail after he failed to come to court.