Gardnerville teen wins logo contest |

Gardnerville teen wins logo contest

by Merrie Leininger, Staff Writer

Those who entered the Gardnerville motto and logo contest focused on the people who make up the town.

Martina Oxoby, 18, a senior at Douglas High School, created the winning logo which includes people holding hands underneath the outline of some familiar mountains.

Within the logo, Oxoby wrote “Safety, Education, Family.” The town board decided to replace those words with the winning motto submitted by Cheryl Fong: “Heritage, Community, Prosperity.”

Oxoby’s drawing and painting class teacher, Nancy Bargman, assigned the logo contest as classwork. Oxoby said she decided to focus on what Gardnerville has now, not what it was known for in the past.

“I was really surprised because I wasn’t expecting to win,” Oxoby said. “I’ve never won anything before. Mine was so different from all my classmates. I wanted to take a new approach. Everyone was taking old scenes. I wanted to take a more modern approach and use what is here now and not what was in the past.”

n Design. Town board Chairman Loren Orr said the judges liked Oxoby’s design overall.

“I think all the judges thought it would reproduce well. There were a lot of good ones with intricate detail, but this one was clean and simple and it had a kind of modern look,” Orr said. “We thought it was a good direction for the town, it gave us a new look, too, part of the reason we did this to update our image a little bit.”

He said the board also liked the idea of having the three word motto at the bottom of the logo.

“In all honesty, those three words have a lot of meaning as to where the town has come from and where we want to go. We are always looking to the future and we hope everyone will have prosperity.”

Oxoby, the only child of Robert and Rebecca Oxoby, grew up in Gardnerville, where her father and grandfather also were raised.

“I really like it because it’s just kind of neat to grow up where my dad and grandparents have lived. But I also want to get out and explore,” she said.

Oxoby plans to go to college in the Seattle area, but said she doesn’t know what she would like to study. Art has always been just a hobby for her. Oxoby won a $100 savings bond.

C.C. Meneley Elementary School 6th grader David Cruz, 11, was the first place winner in the level one category of the motto contest. Level one included kindergarten through 8th grade students. There were no entries in the level one town logo contest.

David’s motto, “Little town, big heart” won the hearts of the judges.

“My mom and I were talking about how Nevada and Gardnerville are always doing good things and it kind of gave me an idea about how Gardnerville is little, but everybody is always doing good things,” David said.

David, who is the oldest child of Joanne and Kenneth Cruz, said he learned about the contest through friends who entered.

Both David and Cheryl Fong each won a $50 savings bond.

Fong and her husband, Curtis, who is the second place winner, were thinking of some logos together. Curtis’ logo was “Jewel of the Sierra Nevada.”

“We are both in sort of media-related jobs. We were kicking it around and trying to outdo each other. It is a challenge to think in short little bursts of wording that would fit into a motto. It is kind of like doing a crossword puzzle. That was our challenge that evening,” Cheryl Fong said.

The Fongs have lived in Gardnerville for 15 years have two children, Matthew, 17, and Erin, 15, and Cheryl said it is part of that community pride that also made her enter the contest.

“That’s kind of what I was trying to convey, was the pride we have for living here, not just the fact that we live here, but we are part of a community and the heritage we inherited and part of passing that on to future generations,” she said.

n All the winners. Town Manager Jim Park said he wished they could give awards to everyone who entered – especially all the youngsters who really put effort into the contest.

Other contestants who placed were:

Town logo, level two: second place, Bonnie Lee won a $50 savings bond and third place was Mishele Burchett who won a $25 savings bond.

Town motto, level one: second place was Heather Dlugos who won two movie passes and third place was Mariah Lauren who won a large pizza.

Level two: second place was Curtis Fong who won two movie passes and third place was Nancy Bargman who won a large pizza.

All the winners will receive their prizes and a framed certificate at the town of Gardnerville’s Jan. 4 meeting at the Gardnerville Volunteer Fire Station.