Gardnerville Ranchos stabbing under investigation |

Gardnerville Ranchos stabbing under investigation

Staff Reports

Authorities are investigating the stabbing of a Gardnerville Ranchos woman, who was helicoptered to Reno on Tuesday night.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the incident was reported at 9:17 p.m. near Blue Rock Park.

The woman said an unknown man wearing a ski mask stabbed her multiple times.

The victim had wounds to the left side of her abdomen. East Fork medics rendered first aid and then transported her to Carson Valley Medical Center. She was then transported to Renown Medical Center.

Investigators recovered the weapon, which was identified as belonging to the victim.

The woman’s husband said they’d had dinner with their neighbors.

After the neighbors left, the woman said she was going for a walk.

The husband got his son’s shoes and when he went out to go after her, he could not find her. He returned home to find medics and deputies.

The neighbor told deputies after they returned home, their doorbell rang and the victim was there being helped to the door by a teenage female.

Two men said they were sitting on a bench at Blue Rock Park when they saw a man wearing a white tank top, tan shorts and short hair with dark sunglasses walking through the park toward the alleyway.

Shortly after they saw the man, they heard the victim screaming and then learned from some friends that the woman had been stabbed.