Gardnerville Ranchos receives mini library |

Gardnerville Ranchos receives mini library

Eagle Scout Cody Cahn, 14, assembles a mini free library Saturday at Scarselli Elementary.
Brad Coman |

Gardnerville Ranchos residents now have access to a mini-library thanks to Boy Scout Troop 33’s Cody Cahn.

Cahn and a team of 11 friends and family built the library at Scarselli Elementary School on Saturday for his Eagle Scout project.

“The school was planning on buying one, but I suggested building it as an Eagle Scout project,” said Cahn. “The closest library is 15 minutes away and a lot people don’t want to drive to the next town over to get books so this gives them that opportunity to still be able to get books.”

The Eagle Scout project is an opportunity for Boy Scouts to demonstrate leadership while completing a project that will benefit the community.

“It’s a good thing we’re doing because it helps the community and the school,” said Boy Scout member Nicholas Myers.

After Cahn received approval from the school and Scout Board to move forward with his plans, he pulled together a team consisting of friends and other scout members and received hardware from local stores in Gardnerville and Carson City.

Cahn said the school recently had some renovations done to the front walk way and they had to tear out some of the trees and plants.

“Not only are we building the library, but we’re also replanting some flowers and plants to make the area look nice again,” he said.

His team was eager to help with the project despite the near freezing temperatures on Saturday.

“It makes me feel really good,” said Isiah Abel, 13. “It’s nice to do something for the community.”

“I think it’s good we are building a library, so kids who may not be as fortunate as others can still have books to read,” Joel Harvey added.

Cahn said he has been a boy scout for three years. Since then he has enjoyed the community service opportunities.

“I really like being out doors so any opportunity for that is always great and while we’re camping we will clean up the area like pull out weeds or pick up trash,” he said. “It feels good to give back.”