Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District has light agenda |

Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District has light agenda

Merrie Leininger

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District board meeting Wednesday night was light in agenda and attitude.

Agenda items such as buying a video camera for district use and the annual evaluation of District Manager Bob Spellberg were withdrawn at the request of Chairwoman Bev Page who was absent. They are scheduled for the next board meeting, which was changed to July 12.

It was the first meeting for newly-appointed board member Dennis Le Drew and he was sworn in by Spellberg. Before the meeting, Le Drew began collecting 31 signatures from board members and audience members. He needs 1 percent of the registered voters to be placed on the November ballot to retain his seat.

The board also adopted a resolution honoring Victor Hyden for his 18 years as a board member. Hyden resigned to move to San Diego with his wife, Barbara. He was previously presented a plaque at a lunch. The resolution will be engraved onto a plaque and hung in the district office.

The resolution was respectful of the work Hyden had put into the Ranchos, but also had a bit of humor to it.

“Whereas, purportedly because the Professor has determined new blood is needed on the board, a determination which is unanimously disputed by the remaining trustees, Vic has tendered his resignation as a trustee. The board further finds that it is nothing new to find Vic in the minority on a vote,” the resolution stated. “Be it further resolved that the board of trustees sincerely expresses its deep appreciation and gratitude to Victor M. Hyden and wishes Barbara and Vic continued success in all of their future endeavors.”

n Bluerock Park. Town Engineer Paul Lumos of Lumos and Associates brought the issue of landscaping the proposed park to the board.

Spellberg said he felt the person who was designing the landscaping had not maintained the xeriscaping plans that the board had made.

The park, which will be in an open space that is a little more than an acre, includes a half-court basketball court, picnic tables, benches, playground equipment and exercise stations.

“What we have done is raised the perimeter area about 15-30 inches above street level and there will be split rail fences at the entrances that just defines the entrances and the trails coming out,” Lumos said.

Lumos also said the design included many pine and deciduous trees and shrubs.

“I’m really for xeriscaping,” said board member Dewey Jay. “There are a lot of native Nevada plants that we can get for a buck and a quarter or a buck and a half.”

Lumos said the design now will come under budget. He said the park will cost about $189,000 total, with $39,000 of for landscaping. A drip system will cost $34,000. About $1,000 a month is budgeted for maintenance, which Spellberg said he hopes to privatize.

Board members decided they didn’t want the park to look like a bunch of weeds, so there should be a happy medium. Spellberg said he would sit down with the landscape designer and revise the plan.

n Drop box. An agenda item to install a drop box for residents’ bills was tabled until next month.

Spellberg said he felt it would a bigger convenience to his staff and to the residents.

“We have an unusually large amount of people drop off their payments. We thought it would be more of a time-saver that would pay for itself over time. It would probably save about 10 hours during the bill-paying period,” he said.

Spellberg said he didn’t have a clear idea where he would put the box, so the board told him to come back with a better-defined plan.