Gardnerville post office clerk retires |

Gardnerville post office clerk retires

by Caryn Haller
Postal worker Noreen Simonich is retiring.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

After 13 years with the Gardnerville Post Office, retiring clerk Noreen Simonich said she will miss the customers most of all.

The Gardnerville Ranchos resident’s last day is Friday.

“I’m 70, so I feel like it’s time. I want to spend time with my husband,” Simonich said. “My favorite thing about the post office is the people. Ninety-seven percent of the customers are fantastic, and there’s the 3 percent you want to kick in the butt. I love the old people, and I love the little kids.”

Prior to moving to Gardnerville 17 years ago, Simonich worked as a bank executive in Illinois and owned three businesses.

She plans on kicking off her retirement with a cross country road trip with her husband, Gary, in the spring.

“Between my husband and I we have seven kids and 14 grandkids, so we have a lot of places to visit and sponge,” she said. “I also love to sew, so I’ll get back to doing a lot of that.”

Being a clerk wasn’t just a job to Simonich who knows the names, careers and hometowns of at least half of her customers.

“That’s the nice part about being here,” she said. “You can help somebody and talk to them at the same time. If you take an extra second that’s OK.”

Simonich’s customer service even crosses international lines.

Dubbed the military mom, Simonich wrote personal notes on the packages sent to local soldiers overseas before postal regulations prevented her from doing so.

“I had one in particular who sent me pictures of him holding the box I wrote on,” she said. “He sent me the flag that flew over his base in Fallujah. He came back last year and saw me. We both cried. Military people are special.”

Gardnerville Post Master Doreen Hyatt recalled a hair stylist whom Simonich helped to get packages to her husband in Afghanistan. The customer was so touched by Simonich, she treated her to a day of pampering.

“She has a group of people who adore her. They go the extra mile for her as she does for them,” Hyatt said. “I’ve been here for six years, and she takes care of her customers.”