Gardnerville mechanic recovering after shop accident |

Gardnerville mechanic recovering after shop accident

A Gardnerville mechanic is in the hospital at Renown Medical Center after a Ford Bronco fell off a hoist onto him.

Scott Hendricks, owner of Hendricks Automotive was injured, Saturday night.

Wife Carolyn said that if it hadn’t been for his friend Danny Collins and Bobby Barker from ACE Hardware who lifted the Bronco off of him, he might not have made it.

“He’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s seeing a meadow on the other side,” she said. “He is still in the ICU, but he’s doing much better. He had three cracked ribs, a fractured pelvis and two fractured vertebrae. He’s not going to be running around for a while.”

Hendricks conducted his business from a wheelchair due to a previous accident, so when Saturday’s accident occurred his wheelchair was also crushed.

“His chair got smashed down in half,” she said. “The whole front of the Bronco fell off the rack and on top of him. If it wasn’t for the guy from ACE Hardware and Scott’s best friend Danny Collins lifting it up off of him and pulling him out of there, I don’t know what would have happened. I’m so thankful they were there and they helped him.”

Carolyn said she’s talking to doctors about getting Hendricks out of the ICU.

“He knows his body better than anyone, and he know’s he’s not well enough to be home,” she said.

Scott Hendricks’ family has established a bank account at U.S. Bank in his name to defray medical expenses. The account number is 153753289245.