Gardnerville man ordered to jail in traffic death |

Gardnerville man ordered to jail in traffic death

by Sheila Gardner

A 22-year-old Gardnerville man was ordered Wednesday to serve 30 days in Douglas County Jail after he admitted drinking in violation of his probation in the traffic death of his best friend.

Daniel Delgadillo told East Fork Justice Tom Perkins he had been drinking when he was arrested Saturday outside a Gardnerville Ranchos bar.

Officers were investigating a fight and recognized Delgadillo.

A preliminary test determined his alcohol content at .205, more than twice the legal limit of .08 for driving.

Even though Delgadillo was not driving, he was in violation of terms of his probation in the 2010 traffic death of Michael Lombardo.

Delgadillo’s lawyer, Derrick Lopez, asked that his client be placed on house arrest.

“He had almost been nine full months sober,” Lopez said. “This is somebody who while depressed when out with friends.”

Lopez said Delgadillo was the victim of the fight.

“He knows he has to get control of his depression issues. He has tested many times and has been clean. He has not been driving and there is a lot he has accomplished in the last nine months. This was not premeditated,” Lopez said.

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter asked that Delgadillo’s probation be revoked.

“I feel like I made major strides,” Delgadillo said. “I thought I had the alcohol under control. I am not driving. I am trying everything I can to stay on the straight and narrow. I know I am not a danger to society.”

Perkins advised Delgadillo to stop dwelling on the fact that he was the only one prosecuted in the June 5, 2010, traffic death of 24-year-old Lombardo.

“All I care about is what you owe Mikey (Lombardo),” Perkins said.

He ordered Delgadillo to attend 12-step or counseling sessions three times a week when he gets out of jail.

“You can’t stay home and dwell on the fact somebody else didn’t get prosecuted,” Perkins said.