Gardnerville man faces drug, assault charges |

Gardnerville man faces drug, assault charges

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Douglas County Sheriff's Office

A 41-year-old Gardnerville man, who reportedly got in a fight because he was “freeloading” at an acquaintance’s home, faces charges of assault and battery, and possession of a controlled substance.

Stefan Delia appeared Wednesday before East Fork Judge Tom Perkins, who appointed Derrick Lopez to represent him.

Delia, who said he was unemployed, is being held on $8,820 bail.

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter asked that Delia’s bail stand because of his extensive criminal record.

“He has lots of crimes of violence, and lots of drug-related offenses. He won’t come to court, and he has multiple probation violations,” Trotter said.

Delia said he had no history of failure to appear.

Perkins let the bail stand because he said it was appropriate, not because Delia was a threat to the community.

Perkins set his next court appearance for Feb. 27.

Delia was arrested on Feb. 18 for speeding, and failure to maintain a tr avel lane. The arresting officer said Delia had a warrant for assault and battery, and he found three bags in the vehicle of suspected methamphetamine and marijuana.

According to the warrant, Delia is accused of striking the victim in the face with a closed fist or metallic device. After beating the man to the ground, Delia is accused of threatening him with a mallet if he got up.

The incident reportedly occurred at a residence in Kingslane at 12:50 p.m. Jan. 28 during an argument over Delia not contributing to the household.