Gardnerville joins curbside recycling pilot program |

Gardnerville joins curbside recycling pilot program

Chris Lapin of Gardnerville recycles his plastics at the transfer station.Single stream recycling means residents don't have to separate out their materials.
Brad Coman |

In a game of curbside single stream recycling, Gardnerville upped the ante with a pilot program for 180 homes to collect data on costs and demand.

Even the totes used to collect the recycling will be recycled, Town Manager Tom Dallaire said.

“We are reconditioning and reusing the older town cans we have previously replaced, so we are starting the program off with that,” Dallaire said.

Gardnerville Town Board members approved the pilot program last week.

The program will run between February and June 2017, the same time that Douglas Disposal is doing their pilot program.

The towns of Minden and Gardnerville operate their own trash service. Minden is expected to weigh in on a pilot program of its own, a Douglas Disposal representative told Douglas County commissioners at a recent meeting.

Douglas Disposal General Manager John Marchini said the company already does mixed recycling at Lake Tahoe, which is responsible for part of the county’s high recycling rate.

“Single-stream recycling allows customers to put all their recyclables in one tote,” he said. “In one container, there is no need to separate, and no need to identify the plastics or separate the paper.”

The towns of Minden and Gardnerville also both do green waste recycling. The company will pick up Christmas trees for recycling Jan. 2-6, 2017.

Douglas Disposal plans to conduct its pilot program in an area of the Gardnerville Ranchos bordered by Kimmerling Road, Long Valley Road, Blue Rock and James.

“All current customers will receive a tote,” Marchini said. “There is no charge for the pilot program. All material capture will be processed at a regional facility.”

Pick-up of recycling will occur every other week.

Marchini said the company is conducting the pilot to gauge interest and cost of the program. He said they will survey customers who participate.

“We are trying to remain ahead of any state mandates,” he said. “We are getting a constant influx of questions from customers about curbside recycling. This is our walking approach see how it works.”

Because Douglas Disposal has a trash collection franchise in the county governed by the county, the decision to enact curbside recycling would rest with commissioners.

“We would bring information to the board about who would participate, how much they recycle, how much it costs and whether our customers and your constituents will be willing to pay for this.”

Minden plans to discuss the program at their January meeting.