Gardnerville explores options for speeders |

Gardnerville explores options for speeders

Dips slow motorists down on Lampe Drive in Gardnerville.
Kurt Hildebrand

A Gardnerville resident said speeders are making it difficult for her to get out of her driveway.

On Tuesday, Gardnerville Town Board members discussed their options after resident Patricia Biersdorff said Toiyabe Avenue is taking all the traffic between Waterloo and Toler Lane.

“When they built Chichester, they made Toler a dead end,” she said. “Our street is the only street. We have school buses, DART, trucks, parents taking their kids to school.”

Biersdorff said she can’t back out of her driveway.

“I call it alternate 395. I’ve asked for speed bumps. I would like to get the barrier at Chichester out so people can go down Toler.”­— Patricia Biersdorff,Resident

“I call it alternate 395,” she said. “I’ve asked for speed bumps. I would like to get the barrier at Chichester out so people can go down Toler.”

Town Manager Tom Dallaire and Engineer Geoffrey LaCost presented four options to the board, which included a four-way stop at Lampe and Toiyabe, a storm drainage dip, obstacles that will force vehicles to slow down or increased law enforcement.

The town has two mobile signs that show motorists their speed, which are proposed to go back on Toiyabe.

Three years ago when the town set the signs up in answer to the same complaint, Dallaire said the total volume on the street was about 100 cars per hour, which is well short of the 350 vehicles an hour required to justify a stop sign at Lampe.

Dallaire and town board members agreed that speed bumps just encourage vehicles to speed up.

When Minden installed speed bumps on Wildrose, neighbors complained they were more of a nuisance than the speeders.

Gardnerville’s 15 mph speed limit in its neighborhoods was never approved by Douglas County commissioners.

“We can’t enforce the speeding issue,” Dallaire said.

Town Board Chairwoman Cassandra Jones suggested sending a letter to the sheriff’s office encouraging them to patrol the streets at times the town knows there are speeders.

“It’s an exit and entrance route to Gardnerville Elementary School,” she said.

Dallaire said it was also a bypass for the light on Waterloo.

Pretty much everyone agreed the intersection at Waterloo Lane, Harvest Avenue and Toller Avenue was unusual.

It is illegal to make a left turn onto Harvest and then Toler Avenue to get to Gardnerville Elementary.

Motorists who find themselves at the intersection will make a U-turn on Harvest to go onto Toler.