Gardnerville discusses improvements |

Gardnerville discusses improvements

Work continues on the removal of gasoline holding tanks at the former Eagle Gas station in Gardnerville.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier


What: Gardnerville Town Board

When: 3 p.m. today

Where: Town Hall, 1407 Main St.


Present and future projects proposed by Gardnerville will be the topic of a meeting 3 p.m. today.

The Gardnerville station, trails, cub and gutter, stormdrain improvements and the possibility of a new town hall are on the agenda.

Town Manager Tom Dallaire is asking members of the town board to prioritize projects so the town can look for funding.

The town is moving forward with the project to convert the former Condron Shell station, located in the Gardnerville S curve, into a visitor center.

However, grants Town Manager Tom Dallaire was relying on to get the job done dried up late last year.

Board members pointed out that while the project will be completed, it will take longer. In addition to grants, conversion of Main Street Gardnerville into a tax-exempt status, could provide additional funding for the project.

The station will provide offices for the Main Street program and a meeting location.

Among the improvements are LED lighting that Dallaire said could change colors depending on the time of year.

“We could light it up red for Valentine’s Day or green on St. Patrick’s Day,” he said.

Having the construction plans for the station would allow the town to move forward as soon as it has funding, whatever the source.

There has been a gas station at the site since the late 1920s. The present building was constructed for Virgil Condron by Shell in 1961.

Work to clean up the property will continue until the money runs out. Dallaire said that a grant application is complete, and the construction plans will create a project that is ready to go.

One of the reasons to work on the Gardnerville station is to help provide better drainage for downtown Gardnerville in the event of a flood.

The town also agreed to purchase land along Gilman Avenue near Heritage Park. That land could provide a site for a new town hall.