Gardnerville dinged on mask compliance |

Gardnerville dinged on mask compliance

Of 11 Gardnerville businesses visited by Nevada OSHA inspectors last week, only seven were in compliance with mask and other coronavirus directives.

That gave the town a 64 percent compliance rate, one of the lowest reported in Northern Nevada.

In comparison, 11 of the dozen businesses visited in Minden were in compliance offering a 92 percent rate in the Douglas County seat.

Notices were provided to those businesses to comply voluntarily.

Nevada Department of Industrial Relations inspectors may return to check to see if the business is still out of compliance, which could result in a citation.

“We are seeing higher rates of compliance during the follow-up visits — 99 percent this past week — so hopefully that trend continues,” Department of Business & Industry spokeswoman Teri Williams said.

Deputy Emergency Manager Dave Fogerson encouraged residents not to be complacent about wearing masks.

He said masks won’t protect you from other people who aren’t wearing a mask.

“Face coverings are designed to keep your mucus to yourself,” he said. “They reduce the chances of exposure by keeping your stuff with you and not on me. Please wear that facial covering to keep our businesses open, to reduce spreading COVID and all the other respiratory diseases we have out there now.”

Fogerson said wearing masks now will help speed the day when no one has to wear a mask.

“This is not about ‘me,’ this is about ‘us,’” he said. “This is healthcare and medical science, not political. The White House is grading us, the state is grading us. Both recommend wearing face coverings. We are a great community. Let’s continue to work hard to reduce our cases to stay off the watch list.”

Health officials are bracing for an increase in the number of coronavirus cases related to the opening of school Aug. 17.