Gardnerville berry farm doubles harvest |

Gardnerville berry farm doubles harvest

Jack and Diana Jacobs, owners of Jacobs Berry Farm at 1335 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville, report that they have started harvesting their Chester blackberry crop. The Chester blackberry is considered a great all-around blackberry.

They are firm but not tart and perfect for eating fresh, making preserves, and baking.

Last year was the Berry Farm’s poorest-yielding harvest due to a very cold fall.

Just under 2,400 pints were picked while this year over 5,000 pints are predicted. Right now, Chester blackberry plants are full of berries.

They are mostly red but will soon turn purple and ripen in the next couple of weeks producing the biggest harvest ever.

Black raspberry harvest is nearly done along with the summer red raspberries. The Fall red raspberry plants are also loaded and harvesting has begun.

These will continue to be picked until we have a sustained cold spell, typically the end of September or early October.

From now until mid-September is the time to take advantage of this remarkable harvest to make pies, jam or freeze berries to enjoy all winter.

You may also purchase jams and syrup at the farm as well as local honey from beehives located on the property.

The Berry Farm is open from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. daily, except for Mondays.

Their long driveway is next to the St. Gall Catholic Church’s parking lot entrance.

They definitely have berries when the chalkboard sign is out front. Jacobs berries also are available at Great Basin Community Food Co-op in Reno.

The beautiful property is the remaining five acres of historic Lampe Ranch and is available for weddings and special events. It is completely booked through 2019 but they are accepting advance reservations for the 2020 season.

Please see the website for photos of the venue

You may also contact Jack or Diana at by calling 783-4868.

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