Gardnerville approves Stodick Parkway parcel maps |

Gardnerville approves Stodick Parkway parcel maps

Two parcel maps on either side of Stodick Parkway were endorsed by the Gardnerville Town Board on Tuesday night.

One parcel map requested by owners of the Maverik was the topic of a social media blitz designed to prevent the gas station and convenience store from being located on a commercially zoned site.

The Maverik itself is already approved, according to Town Manager Erik Nilssen. The parcel map will allow the owners to separate the property the store will be built on from the rest of the 8.65-acre parcel.

According to a presentation on Tuesday, 3.25 acres of the property will be reserved for the store, while another half-acre parcel would be dedicated to the town for a detention basin.

The remaining 4.86 acres would remain neighborhood commercial, though in June Maverik representatives suggested they might seek to change the zoning to multi-family. Nilssen said there will be no public access from the lot to Elges, which is blocked off.

The Gardnerville Water Co. plans to subdivide a 2.63-acre parcel at Highway 395 and Stodick Parkway that is currently zoned neighborhood commercial.

One of the parcels has a home on it, built before Douglas County had a zoning code, making it a legal but nonconforming use.

The water company plans to build a well on one of the parcels and sell the third for commercial use.

Both parcel maps are expected to go to the Sept. 12 Administrative Hearing Panel meeting.