Gaming, taxable sales numbers in black |

Gaming, taxable sales numbers in black

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Two key Douglas County economic indicators were in the black, according to figures released by the state this week.

Douglas merchants collected $58.6 million in taxable sales during the month of March, up 2.6 percent from the same month in 2016.

The county’s industrial sector led the charge, with wholesalers of durable goods up 26.7 percent over March 2016. The category is up 46.1 percent so far for the year, increasing to $38.9 million. Merchant wholesalers of nondurable goods were up 33.1 percent for the month.

The county saw a 9.7 percent increase in motor vehicles and parts during March increasing to $4.5 million. While home to numerous parts dealers, there is only one vehicle dealership in the county.

Traditionally, a good winter translates into a strong increase in the county’s largest category, food services and drinking places, which include the Stateline casinos. In March they were down down 2.8 percent with $13.26 million, compared to March 2016.

The county’s second largest category, general merchandise stores, which includes two Walmarts and the Target, were also down in the month, bringing in $7.78 million, down 10 percent.

Sellers of building materials and garden equipment and supplies saw taxable sales decrease 30.2 percent compared to March 2016, down to $2.98 million.

Clark County, home to Las Vegas, accounted for 71 percent of taxable sales statewide in March, with $3.85 billion.

The statewide total was up 15 percent during the month at $5.39 billion.

Douglas County’s main source of gaming revenue reported $13.3 million in winnings during April, a 4.6 percent or $579,000 increase. But was facing an easy comparison since total win was down 12.5 percent last year.

For the fiscal year, Stateline was up 5.39 percent. In April, the driver was “Blackjack,” which raked in $2.5 million, a 44.4 percent increase over a year earlier. A significant share of that was generated by a 10 percent increase in the amount bet on that game.

The Carson Valley Area, which includes East Fork Township and Carson City, did much better, reporting $8.6 million in win, a 6 percent increase. That’s an increase of $492,000 that was driven by slot win that increased 6.8 percent primarily because of a $3.5 million increase in total play.

Carson Valley is now up 1.02 percent for the fiscal year.

The state collected $44.25 million in gaming revenue during May.

Douglas County has budgeted to receive $965,000 in gaming revenue during the 2017-18 fiscal year, up from $855,000 projected for the current year. Unlike gaming revenues, Douglas sales tax revenues don’t increase with taxable sales.