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Further investigation in trampoline theft

Mellisa Murphy, staff writer

District Attorney Scott Doyle said Friday a decision will be made after further investigation whether to prosecute the men suspected of taking a trampoline that belonged to a Ranchos family.

“A preliminary review was done on the case, but right now, additional investigation is being done. We need to know the precise circumstances under which the trampoline equipment was taken in order to continue,” Doyle said.

According to a sheriff’s report, the men who took Jacob and Nick Katsaris’ trampoline said they had been returning from a Jet-Ski outing on July 3 when they saw the trampoline, picked it up, and took it home. They also admitted to taking parts from a “backyard or dirt alley.”

The boys’ grandmother, Sharyon Katsaris, said witnesses told her a high wind gust blew the trampoline out of her yard and into a neighbor’s, but the men allegedly came into her yard to remove the rest of the trampoline equipment.

“What I’m most concerned about is the message that this situation is sending to kids,” Katsaris said. “My grandsons are asking me what is happening with the guy who stole the trampoline, and I have to tell them that nothing’s being done.”

Though the men admitted to taking the trampoline, inconsistencies exist with the details they provided, authorities said. For example, they claimed that they had taken the trampoline at 8 p.m. July 3, although witnesses saw them at 3:30 p.m., and Katsaris filed a police report at 6 p.m.

They also claimed in the report that they had taken the trampoline from a ditch on the side of the road, while a witness stated that it was removed from her back yard.

“I believe that they had no intention of giving it back, had they not seen the article. It was set up in their back yard, not dismantled in a garage or something, like you’d expect if they were planning to return it,” Katsaris said.

After reading about the missing trampoline in the July 8 issue of The Record-Courier, one of the men returned it to the boys that day, according to the sheriff’s report.

“Even if they have to do community service, at least that will be some punishment. The kids of the community need a good example set for them,” she said.