Fundraiser set to help teen’s family |

Fundraiser set to help teen’s family

by Sheila Gardner

Friends of Douglas High School student Taylorann Olsen have scheduled fundraisers to assist the 17-year-old’s family with expenses related to treatment for her epilepsy.

Dwight Olsen, Taylorann’s father, said she has had several seizures in the last two weeks, and is awaiting hospitalization for treatment.

“It’s really a difficult thing,” Olsen said. “She’s not really able to function very well. She never knows what is going to happen.”

He said Taylorann’s epilepsy was diagnosed right before her 16th birthday.

“She was all set to get her driver’s license when she had her first seizure. Of course, she’s not able to drive,” he said.

Complicating the situation is the fact that Olsen lost his job and their Ruhenstroth home is in foreclosure.

In addition to his wife, Diane, and children, Olsen’s in-laws also share the house.

Without insurance, Taylorann’s medication is $800 a month. Additional tests run from $400-$1,800 each.

Her next medical appointment is Nov. 18 where doctors plan to schedule a 5-to-10-day hospitalization to pinpoint the location of the seizure activity and determine if Taylorann is a candidate for surgery to remove that portion of her brain.

Fundraisers are scheduled Tuesday in Reno and Nov. 17 in Minden to help with expenses. In addition, an account has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank.