Fundraiser seeks new heart for former ‘Voice of the Douglas Tigers’ |

Fundraiser seeks new heart for former ‘Voice of the Douglas Tigers’

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Ken Carr

Friends of Ken Carr, known for 20 years as the voice of Douglas High School football, hope to raise nearly $1 million to obtain a heart transplant for the retired teacher.

Carr, 66, retired from teaching at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School in 2007 after 29 years with the Douglas County School District.

Named teacher of the year in 2002, Carr taught at Gardnerville and Scarselli elementary schools before spending his last decade at Pau-Wa-Lu.

He and wife Joy have lived in Gardnerville for 36 years where they raised their two daughters Mica and Miranda.

“I know the goal seems unrealistic but having subbed for a middle school math class, the goals we expect of our teachers are sometimes unrealistic,” said organizer Ryan Miyashiro. “Yet, Mr. Carr went above and beyond his duties as a teacher, helping to make our community a better place.”

Miyashiro said he took Carr’s seventh-grade math class at Pau-Wa-Lu.

“He recognized that I needed more of a challenge and moved me into the advanced math class,” he said. “I never had a lot of confidence, especially when it came to academics, so this really boosted my self-esteem.”

In the first five days, $4,901 has been raised toward the $997,700 goal on the website,