Frosty Candy Dance on tap |

Frosty Candy Dance on tap

Vendors were already setting up on Friday morning for this weekend's Candy Dance.
Kurt Hildebrand


What: Centennial Candy Dance

Where: Genoa

When: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday


As it turns out, Candy Dance goers probably won’t need a cooler to keep their fudge from melting this weekend.

With a cold front heading in this weekend, temperatures in Carson Valley are expected to dip into the 60s on Saturday and then down into the 50s on Sunday, with a chance of rain or snow.

Forecasters issued a freeze watch Saturday and Sunday night, predicting conditions that could kill crops, sensitive vegetation and damage unprotected outdoor plumbing.

Lows that have been flirting with freezing temperatures over the past week will marry them Saturday dipping to 31 degrees and heading down from there.

“Brace yourself, winter is coming, at least it’s going to feel that way,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Zach Toby said. “An impressively strong cold front will push quickly through the region on Saturday, bringing gusty winds, cold rain, relatively low elevation snow, and much colder temperatures to the region.”

Tolby said precipitation will be light, but there could be snowflakes on the Valley floor on Sunday morning.

“Snowfall intensity along the front will be impressive but short-lived,” he said. “Sierra passes could pick up a quick 1-2 inches of snow that comes down quickly in an hour or two then transition to showers.”

He said daytime temperatures are going seem more at home in mid- to late-November early next week.

“Boy howdy, is it going to feel cold,” he said.

While there’s a possibility of rain or snow overnight on Saturday and into early Sunday, there’s pretty much a certainty of high winds, with gusts 25-35 mph through Saturday.

None of which will slow down the annual Candy Dance, which has seen all sorts of weather in the century since it was founded.

Visitors to Genoa should definitely dress for the weather, which won’t actually be that cold on Saturday morning with the temperature predicted to crack 50 degrees by 9 a.m.

Candy Dance visitors should expect heavy traffic on Saturday morning. Genoa Lane, Jacks Valley and Foothill roads will be closed near town at 7 a.m. Parking is $5 at Ranch No. 1 and the Genoa Cemetery, where the blockades will be established.

Traffic controls extend to Highway 395 and Genoa Lane, where left turns will be prohibited. Visitors should take Muller Lane to Foothill from the south. Right turns will be permitted onto and from Genoa Lane.

The craft fair, featuring 350 booths, will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.

The Masons will be serving breakfast at their hall first thing both mornings. There will be several food and drink booths around town, as well as the restaurants.

Candy and merchandise will be sold out of the town hall.