Freshman encouraged to succeed |

Freshman encouraged to succeed

Douglas High Principal Marty Swisher tells incoming freshmen Thursday at orientation that the school's number one goal is to see every student graduate.
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Get involved, do your best, and be successful were some key points Marty Swisher addressed to the freshmen at Douglas High School’s orientation Thursday.

“We value you more than just students and numbers,” said Swisher. “You matter. Do your best, we want you to succeed.”

Swisher told the students that there are a number of ways they can be involved at school. He said there are more than 40 clubs and about 20 new courses being offered including personal finance, creative writing, electronics and robotics in addition to several physical education options and more.

“We want you to be involved,” Swisher told the students. “Be part of what’s going on, make your high school experience rich.”

The freshmen were then divided into groups to play rock paper scissors with their peers. It was an activity to encourage good sportsmanship and cheering on classmates and friends while getting to know each other. The students lined up to compete with each other until one winner remained. That winner was freshman Vance Hickman who was awarded a “Dude be nice” shirt from the leadership club to inspire kindness and friendship.

After that, the freshmen were given their schedules and released to explore the campus with a scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt was a list of important buildings and classrooms throughout the school such as the gym and locker rooms, the front office, the Tiger Cage, bathrooms, and the commons. During their search for each they had the opportunity to find their classrooms and get to know their new school and peers.

Freshmen Gina Cirillo and Daphne Hopkins met in the commons before setting out on their scavenger hunt to compare schedules and were excited to find they had classes together.

Cirillo said she was a little nervous to start high school, but was looking forward to all the interesting classes and clubs she can experience.

“After ninth grade I might try a club,” she said. “I might try NJHS, but I don’t know, I’m still looking for the right club.” Cirillo said she is interested in culinary and wants to give that a try, maybe even making it into a career.

Two more freshmen, Julianne Barr and Elis Christiensen, were exploring the technology building and marking it off their scavenger hunt. They are looking forward to having more options in the arts and expanding their creativity. Barr can’t wait to try pottery and Christiensen is eager for the creative writing course.

Many of the students and staff at the orientation showed enthusiasm and were looking forward to the coming school year at Douglas High School.

“The Douglas High staff is excited to welcome students to the 2016-2017 school year. We look forward to having staff and students together, as this is where their really important work starts,” said Swisher.

School begins Monday with zero period classes starting at 6:35 a.m. and first period starting at 7:30 a.m.

For bus schedules visit the Douglas County School District website,, or go to

Parents and guardians should receive a new password and directions in the mail to access Infinite Campus, the school district’s new student information system, to view information about their student.

Students will receive printed schedules on Monday during their first period classes. During the first week, counselors will only address students with incomplete or inaccurate schedules.

Douglas High will have a seven-period schedule this year.

Students will have four classes meeting every day, with the new class being at the end of the day.

This schedule provides opportunities for students to take more electives and academic support classes.

New Classes

Algebra 1 support

Math 2 support

Specialized English 1 and 2

English 1 and 2 support

Additional options in PE

Rhythmic Precision

Sports Medicine

Physics 1 Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement English 3 and World History Enrichment

History of Human Conflict

Contemporary Problems

Nevada and the West

Personal Finance

Computer Science 1

Computer Science Principles Advanced Placement

Electronics and Robotics

Art Explorations (nine week activities in ceramics, digital design, drawing and painting, and photography

Creative Writing