Free gun locks will be replaced by Project HomeSafe |

Free gun locks will be replaced by Project HomeSafe

by Christy Chalmers

Defective gun locks that were distributed as part of a nationwide safety campaign in 2000 will be replaced as part of a voluntary recall.

More than 1,000 of the locks were distributed in Douglas County through Project HomeSafe, which started in February 2000.

The effectiveness of the locks was questioned in October after police found the devices could accidentally spring open. The locks had been distributed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, based in Connecticut.

The locks resemble a bicycle cable lock and have a red cable with a black padlock. Red vinyl bands around the top and bottom of the locks read “Project” and “HomeSafe.” “Made in China and “30 mm” are imprinted on the bottoms of the locks.

The NSSF is recalling 400,000 locks that were distributed nationwide and will provide a free replacement. Anyone seeking a replacement can call 1-(800)-726-6444.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office isn’t offering replacements, said Sgt. Lance Modispacher. He said one person returned a defective lock when the recall was first announced, though the department got a few phone calls.

“We don’t know exactly who has locks and who does not,” he said.

The replacement locks have better locking mechanisms, and a thicker, braided-steel cable, according to a statement from the NSSF and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The defective locks can open when struck against a hard surface.

The locks were originally given away as part of Project HomeSafe and were promoted as a way to keep children safe from weapons. Cables on the locks are pulled through gun handles or barrels to prevent the weapon from being loaded or fired.

To obtain a replacement lock through Project HomeSafe, call 1-(800)-726-6444.