Fred Meyling, Elks Citizen of the Year, denies exaggerating military record |

Fred Meyling, Elks Citizen of the Year, denies exaggerating military record

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Gardnerville, Nev. — Gardnerville resident Fred Meyling is denying charges that he exaggerated his military record.

The accusation is being leveled by Special Forces Poser Patrol, a group that outs people who claim to have been in special forces, but weren’t.

Meyling was named citizen of the year in February by the Tahoe-Douglas Elks.

A Feb. 14 speech accompanying the award listed several of Meyling’s qualifications, including that he served in the Green Berets and rose to the rank of colonel.

The speech was published online by The Record-Courier, where it was seen by the organization.

The accusation was posted to Facebook on Monday by retired Maj. Tim Howle.

Howle said his investigation revealed that Meyling never received any special forces training through the U.S. Army.

The Record-Courier has been in contact with Meyling, who in an email on Wednesday said that he will bring in documentation verifying his record.

”I have sent for the documents in question and should have them for you, so we can meet and put this to rest,” Meyling said.

On Wednesday evening, The R-C contacted Meyling who declined to comment for this story.

In the report on the Facebook page, Howle said his research indicated that Meyling was in the Army for one year from 1971 to 1972.

It was announced that Meyling resigned as president of Welcome All Veterans Everywhere on Friday.

Howle, who lives in North Carolina, said he has contacted the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. He has also contacted Reno television stations.