Four taken into custody after Stateline fracas |

Four taken into custody after Stateline fracas

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

An early morning melee in Stateline early Wednesday morning resulted in the arrest of four people.

Deputies responded to the CVS Pharmacy for a report of a fight involving six people.

Two men were spotted running for the scene and a deputy chased them through the store and out the back door at around 1:30 a.m.

The men ran into the alley and west toward Harrah’s when one of them made a sudden turn and ran into a tree.

Despite the collision, he struggled with the deputy who was trying to handcuff him. As they were struggling, a quartet of two men and two women came upon the scene yelling that the deputy had the man who attacked them.

After the man, later identified as South Lake Tahoe resident Michael Gillis Smith, 29, was subdued and handcuffed, one of the women kicked him in the head, and was herself taken into custody.

Livermore, Calif., resident Chole Elizabeth Monta Rose, 22, was arrested for simple battery.

The quartet told deputies that they were in the store when they were accosted by a man in a red shirt and a man in a white shirt.

While medics were examining everyone, the man in the red shirt, identified as Gardnerville resident Richard Edward Danilo Mayorga, 21, walked past the crowd and was identified by the quartet as the other man.

One of the men in the quartet, Antioch, Calif., resident Frank Christopher Lopez, 26, was booked on a fugitive warrant out of Contra Costa County, Calif.