Four Nevada Bighorn members honored |

Four Nevada Bighorn members honored

Staff reports

Four members of Nevada Bighorns Unlimited were selected from lists of qualified nominees to receive a number of the 2013 Wild Sheep Foundation Service Awards. Members Steve Kellers, Dianna Belding, Judi Caron, and Micki Jefferson were presented their awards at the recently held 2013 Wild Sheep Foundation Sheep Show & Convention in Reno, Nevada.Steve Kellers, of Reno, received the prestigious Guy Eastman Grassroots Award, intended to honor the hard-working members that get almost no recognition for their tireless work toward the existence of North American wild sheep. Kellers has dedicated hundreds of hours and significant personal expense to build guzzlers for Nevada wildlife. His unique two-rail fence design has become a state-of-the art fencing configuration, allowing all species of wildlife to utilize the water source, while excluding large domestic and feral species like cattle and horses.Dianna Belding and Judi Caron, both of Reno, received Outstanding Achievement Awards for their incredible contributions to wildlife conservation with their hard work in establishing the Nevada Dream Tags program. As a result of their efforts, the program, in its first year of existence, has provided $167,000.00 in funding for ten wildlife habitat restoration and improvement projects, including projects directly benefitting bighorn sheep; provided $81,000.00 to the Nevada Department of Wildlife for wildlife habitat enhancement; and developed a reserve fund of over $100,000.00 for critical habitat emergency funding. Lastly, Micki Jefferson, of Sparks, received the Artemis Outstanding Woman Conservationist Award, intended to recognize an exemplary woman leader and hunter who has made significant contributions to WSF and NBU, wild sheep, and other mountain game conservation efforts. Aside from being an outstanding volunteer, Jefferson served as the co-chair of the WSF Ladies Luncheon Committee and volunteer coordinator for the NBU merchandise committee.“Nevada, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited and most importantly our great state’s wildlife and habitat are very fortunate to have such wonderful, dedicated and passionate volunteers,” said Dennis Wilson, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited President. “Without their unending support and dedication, the NBU would not be what it is today.” For more information, please contact Dan Morgan at (775) 530-6500.