Former district manager sentenced |

Former district manager sentenced

Michael Schneider

Former Indian Hills General Improvement District manager Dave Campbell appeared before Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl, East Fork Justice Court for sentencing on two counts of fraudulent appropriation of property.

Campbell, 36, was sentenced to six months in Douglas County Jail, suspended, and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and $7,250 in restitution to the GID.

Campbell was arrested Feb. 6 after an investigation into allegations that he used GID monies to purchase items for his residence and vehicle. He was originally charged with five felonies and two gross misdemeanors, but pleaded to the two misdemeanors on April 30.

He was allowed by the district attorney’s office to plead to the reduced charges despite the fact that an element of the misdemeanor crimes is that the money stolen not be more than $250.

“I did not realize the stress I was under,” said Campbell at sentencing. “I forgot who I was. I’m learning to recognize stress and deal with it.

“I’m not cut out to be any kind of a politician.”

The state asked for $7,759 in restitution, including pay for the hours IHGID employees worked auditing to determine exactly how much Campbell stole.

Campbell’s attorney, Bill Maddox, asked that his client only pay $6,627 in restitution, which included money for all items Campbell stole, but didn’t include salaries of employees who participated in auditing.

“Indian Hills got benefits from the audit,” said Maddox. “It’s not just $2,500 that they blew.”

EnEarl said he agreed with Maddox slightly, but likened that defense to the man who shoots another man in the chest and, while a doctor is removing the bullet, finds cancer.

“His conduct did cause people to work on this issue,” said EnEarl.

Maddox said most of what Campbell stole was for his truck which Campbell used almost exclusively for work purposes.

“He thought the district should buy gas for his truck and replace the things that wore out,” said Maddox. “He wasn’t directly authorized to do that.

“There were some other things no one could find. Dave said, ‘I’m not going to argue with that.'”

Campbell admitted buying a swamp cooler and a metal shed along with various truck parts and gas with IHGID monies.

Although Campbell was sentenced to two 6-month suspended sentences, they are, in essence, one sentence. EnEarl ordered the terms run concurrent if imposed. Under Nevada law, Campbell may not hold any public office or have any public employment for five years as a result of the conviction.