Forest burning brings smoky Monday |

Forest burning brings smoky Monday

Staff Reports

Air quality in Gardnerville dropped to unhealthy levels on Monday night after smoke from controlled burns poured into Carson Valley.

While several controlled burns have been scheduled at Lake Tahoe for this week, most of Monday’s smoke appeared to come over the Sierra from the west slope.

Weather Forecaster Mark Faucette said he thought it could be closer to home.

“There’s an ongoing burn project just south of South Lake Tahoe that could have been providing the smoke you were seeing,” Faucette said. “There were a few burns on the west side, but it’s not as likely they would have been the source since they’re farther away. The burn south of South Lake Tahoe appears to be piles. It has been going on for over a week.”

Prescribed burns were also conducted in the Stanislaus and Eldorado national forests on Monday.

Gardnerville residents could smell smoke most of Monday afternoon.

Air quality in the Ranchos dropped into the unhealthy range around 7 p.m. then climbed back into the moderate range by Monday night.

Outside burning started Saturday in the East Fork Fire District but the wind prevented burning on Sunday, and cleaned out the smoke from the Valley.

Even with burning, air quality remained in healthy range until Monday afternoon, according to the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection air quality monitor at Ranchos Aspen Park.