Food Closet expansion set for spring |

Food Closet expansion set for spring

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Work on the expansion of the Carson Valley Community Food Closet could begin in April.

Managing Director Sarah Sanchez said the food closest is seeking statements of qualifications from area contractors.

Once those are in hand, the project will go to bid.

“We are looking at an April to December timeframe, although it may go past December,” she said.

If completed in time, the new food closet could be ready for next year’s Share Your Holiday Food Drive.

Plans to expand the food closet have been on the books for some time, but the “Bringing More to the Table” campaign hit the necessary $1.4 million mark on Dec. 19, according to Board Chairman Don McRoberts.

More than 120 donors participated in the campaign, including supporters from outside Douglas County. Lead gifts included support from Cristek Interconnects, Pacific Radomes and a $200,000 matching grant from the Fairweather Foundation.

Those and donations from individuals and businesses, helped the Food Closet surpass its initial Phase I goal of $400,000 to lay the foundation for the site.

A substantial contribution of $787,000 to complete the project then came from the William N. Pennington Foundation.

The Pennington Foundation was formed by the late William N. Pennington, a gaming industry pioneer and philanthropist, and provides grants to Northern Nevada-based organizations in the areas of education, community services, health care and medical research.

Donations over and above the $1.4 million goal are still being accepted to provide for interior equipment and provisions that will be needed when the building becomes operational.

“This is an investment in our community that will have a significant impact,” McRoberts said. “No family should worry about where their next meal is going to come from. This project goes a long way toward alleviating that issue in Douglas County.”

Pacific Radomes Chief Executive Officer John Burke said he was honored to support the cause.

“The Food Closet works hard to meet a growing demand in our community,” Burke said. “This new facility will allow the Food Closet to help even more families. They need our assistance and our company is happy to step in and lend a helping hand.”

Local firm, Three Castles Engineering, is producing the plans and design for the new building. Site preparation should begin in early spring.

The Food Closet helps more than 1,000 Douglas County residents with grocery assistance every month, an overwhelming demand for the small operations center of the Food Closet.

“Our current facility is only 2,100 square feet and met our needs 20 years ago,” Sanchez said “This new facility of 10,000 square feet will meet the needs we have today and allow us to focus on programming that will help to address more of the root causes of food insecurity in our area.”

The new construction will be adjacent to the Food Closet’s current facility at 1255 Waterloo Lane in Gardnerville.

“The immediate benefits of this new building will be obvious,” Sanchez said. “In short, it will better equip us to accomplish our mission: to help more Douglas County residents move themselves out of food insecurity, making them stronger citizens in the process. Less obvious but perhaps just as important, it has demonstrated our community coming together to help those most in need. Neighbors helping neighbors.”