Flowers baskets, pots sprouting along Main Street |

Flowers baskets, pots sprouting along Main Street

Staff Reports
Shannon Litz

Workers put the garden in Gardnerville when they hung nearly 70 baskets of petunias from the town’s light poles on Wednesday.

Town Manager Tom Dallaire said Carson Valley Mover’s Barry Jones lent the town two trucks to transport the baskets and the town’s adopt-a-pots from Smith Valley High School.

“These things are huge,” Dallaire said. “They were so heavy I couldn’t hold one and keep my arm straight out.”

The pots are grown by students and staff at three schools as part of their horticulture classes, according to Main Street Gardnerville Flower Committee chairwoman Linda Dibble.

Sponsorships are still available for $85 a basket. The sponsorship covers the cost of growing the flowers. Gardnerville waters the flowers.

“The funds paid to the schools provide a means for the community to support both the students and the agricultural science programs,” Dibble said.

For the first time Smith Valley student Skyler Wellnitz, with the help of FFA Advisor Andy Miller, took on the task of growing the plants for the Adopt-a-Pots.

“Once these plants were well established, the flower committee volunteers met with Smith Valley students, and created 62 beautifully planted pots to adorn the streets of Gardnerville,” Dibble said.

The organization is asking merchants to adopt the arrangements to showcase their store entrances along Main Street.

“Others may want to consider adopting one or more for their favorite merchants in recognition of, and as a thank you for, their community services,” she said.

To support the Main Street Gardnerville Flower Committee effort, contact Dibble at or Paula Lockridge at 782-8027.