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Flood task force update Thursday on alluvial flooding areas

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Water flows down alongside Stephanie Way on July 9, 2015, as a county road grader heads up the hill towards the heaviest flow of water.
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A task force working on recommendations for flood control will make their first report to county commissioners on Thursday.

Issues which have contributed to serious alluvial fan flooding in Carson Valley over the past two summers include climate variability, unregulated development and construction that predates drainage standards

The task force also cites the previous task force formed in the early 1990s after similar floods struck then.

Among the recommendations presented are ensuring each community affected by alluvial flooding has an exit built to sustain a 100-year flood. The task force is also suggesting that all roads should meet the county’s current design standard to sustain a 25-year flood, and that those that don’t should be found and fixed.

The task force lists Johnson Lane, Ruhenstroth, Topaz Ranch Estates, Jacks Valley and Fish Springs as potentially high priority areas.

“Areas where flooding of structures occurs should be given top priority for both structural and nonstructural improvements,” according to the report.

Key to the task force’s recommendations is that the county should work with the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service to address flooding upstream.

Commissioners are scheduled to meet 11 a.m. at the Emergency Operations Center, 1694 County Road in Minden.