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Flags at Memorial park adds meaning to 4th of July celebrations

Honoring veterans, Andrea Whiteley, 16, a youth camp leader for the Carson City Nevada Stake from the Church Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints plants a flag near a grave marker at Eastside Cemetery on Monday.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

American flags were placed on more than 200 veterans’ graves at Eastside Memorial Park on Monday.

About 20 young women of Carson City Nevada Stake from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints placed the flags as part of their annual community service project.

Youth camp leader, Tiffany Ginocchio, said each year the group selects a service of the community to be a part of.

This year they chose to honor veterans in honor of Independence Day.

Grace McNalley, 17, said the group had the opportunity to hear stories from a few veterans at the church and wanted to show respect and appreciation to them.

“We wanted to honor our military, especially in our area,” she said. “We chose to place the flags as a reminder of those who served. It’s important to keep them in mind as we camp and celebrate this week.”

Sierra Ginocchio, 16, said she has active family members in the military and that puts a different perspective and meaning when it comes to honoring veterans, bringing it a little closer to home.

“Those serving and who have served are the ones defending the freedoms we have and we often take them for granted, so it’s important to honor and show our appreciation for them and this country,” she said.

Eastside Memorial Park also places flags at the park during Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day to honor and show appreciation to fallen and active military personnel.