Five of 13 stores cited in alcohol sting |

Five of 13 stores cited in alcohol sting

Staff Reports

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office conducted several alcohol sales compliance checks at local businesses in the Carson Valley on Dec. 18.

The majority of such enforcement activities involve the participation of a person under the age of twenty-one who attempts to purchase alcohol directly or by use of a third person.

The minor will either enter a business and attempt to purchase alcohol over the counter or contact a third person of legal age outside the business and ask that alcohol be purchased for them.

This particular alcohol sales compliance check was conducted with the assistance of a 19-year-old female in possession of the obvious fictitious identification of another.

Thirteen businesses that sell alcoholic beverages were visited, according to Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Tom Mezzetta.

Five of the 13 compliance checks resulted in the issuance of a citation for the sale of alcohol to a minor.

“The purpose of these enforcement activities is two-fold,” Mezzetta said. “Of course we wish to identify and prosecute those individuals who knowingly furnish alcohol to minors, but we also wish to educate the public and bring to light that this is a serious problem with possible catastrophic results.”

The sale of alcohol or the furnishing of alcohol to a minor is a misdemeanor and is punishable by incarceration in the county jail for a period not to exceed one year and or by a fine not to exceed $1,000.

The liquor license held by a business may have the liquor license suspended by the issuing Liquor Board for repeated violations of this ordinance.

The businesses visited on 12-18-04:

Johnson Lane Store Minden Fail

Good Cents Gardnerville Fail

Scolari’s Gardnerville Fail

Smith’s Gardnerville Fail

Chevron Gardnerville Fail

Rite Aid Gardnerville Pass

7-Eleven Gardnerville Pass

AM/PM Gardnerville Pass

Raley’s 395 Gardnerville Pass

Lucky’s Gardnerville Pass

JM Gardnerville Pass

Phillips 76 Minden Pass

AM/PM Minden Pass