Fish Springs housing project entrance straddles flood zone |

Fish Springs housing project entrance straddles flood zone

The flood waters raged directly into resident's yards along Jacobsen Lane in Fish Springs on Aug. 6.
Brad Coman | The Record-Courier


What: Douglas County Planning Commission

When: 1 p.m. Tuesday

Where: 1616 Eighth St., Minden


Developers of an 11-lot subdivision proposed in Fish Springs are seeking a variance to access the project using a cul de sac crossing the flood zone.

Hunters Point is located north of Fish Springs Road, just ease to the volunteer fire department.

The region was subject to flooding during the summer of 2014, with Fish Springs essentially cut off by a night flood in August that closed Myers near the fire station.

Developers say the access roadway for the project will be the only construction in the flood plain.

Under county code, a cul de sac is allowed for projects of 20 houses or fewer, except in the flood zone.

Project engineer Mark Johnson of Stanka Consulting said that the entry road will be built to standards that are either “equal to or more stringent than those to which other roadways were built which cross the flood plain areas, including Fish Springs Road.”

He said the roadway won’t divert the flood waters from their current path.

The project is on 66.88 acres of land owned by David and Kathi Hussman, which is zoned for 5-acre or larger lots.

Septic and wells will provide sewer and water for the project, as it does to the surrounding homes.

The project went before the planning commission on Dec. 12, but was delayed due to a noticing issue. It is scheduled to return to the planning commission on Jan. 9.

Johnson said that no other access to the property is possible without obtaining land from owners to the east or the Bureau of Land Management to the west.

At least one property owner contacted for access denied the request, according to Johnson’s report.

He pointed out that there are several existing structures in the flood zone along Fish Springs Road, including the firehouse.

Resident Eugene Russell pointed out that there has been flooding along both Pinenut and Fish Springs creeks recently.

“We had major flooding and erosion damage of Fish Springs Road in the Midtown Ventures’ area, as well as upstream from the proposed subdivision this winter of 2017,” he said.