First day of school goes smoothly |

First day of school goes smoothly

by Merrie Leininger

Except for a few minor glitches, the first day of school seemed to go well for the six traditional schools in the Douglas County School District.

Monday was a day like any other, said Douglas High School Principal Bev Jeans.

“It went very well, it was just like any day in the middle of the semester,” Jeans said. “Students went right to class and teachers got started. It was very productive academically.”

Jeans said she tries to set the stage for the rest of the year by making the first week very classroom-oriented.

“My belief is the first day of school is just like a regular day of school. The first day needs to be a real school day with real learning and that sets the tone,” she said.

n Computer glitches. Roger Gerson, principal of Carson Valley Middle School, said the first day included new carpets and computer problems.

The students were generally respectful of the new carpet, even in the cafeteria.

“A lot of students commented on how nice the whole school looked,” he said.

Gerson said the whole school was without computers because of a problem with the hard drive, but they simply did without them.

“It was an extra little frustration, you know how everyone becomes dependent on computers, but everyone rose to the challenge,” Gerson said.

He said he was glad to see the start of school finally come.

“I’ve been here for four weeks already waiting for them, so it was good to see the kids again,” he said.

Superintendent Pendery Clark said things were going smoothly in all the schools when she checked on them Monday.

“Everyone’s always a little nervous and hopeful, but I think everything went well,” she said.

She said the district was concerned about finishing construction and renovations on time, but they did. Officials were concerned about transportation delays on Kingsbury Grade because of road construction, but the buses ran without delay.

“We were somewhat concerned about transportation at the Lake schools, because we have number of bus stops on Kingsbury and of course, that intersection at U.S. 50 is blocked now, but everything went fine,” she said.

The district and Clark were happy with the first day.

“Overall, it was very positive,” Clark said. “Everyone seemed to feel it was a good start to school year.”

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