Firefighters contain fire at Topaz Lake |

Firefighters contain fire at Topaz Lake

Firefighters work to extinguish a burning house on Masonic in Topaz on Sunday.
Kurt Hildebrand

A fire that claimed a home at Topaz Lake on Sunday started at a power pole within yards of a similar blaze that occurred last year.

While the cause of the fire is under investigation, initial reports from residents were that the pole was completely ablaze.

The fire in the Topaz Lake neighborhood was reported at 12:40 p.m.

The power went out about the same time the fire was spotted, knocking out electricity to neighbors’ wells and preventing them from using their hoses.

A neighbor said residents resorted to using buckets to try and stop it from spreading.

When firefighters arrived they found fires burning in three spots. The neighborhood isn’t served by fire hydrants, so firefighters had to truck in water.

“The first engine arrived in approximately 12 minutes to find a rapidly spreading fire involving trees and threatening numerous homes,” Battalion Chief Scott Fraser said. “The fire had spotted away from the origin and was burning in three different areas.”

Initial reports were that as many as 19 homes were threatened by the fire.

Residents managed to knock down one of the spot fires, but another claimed about an acre of land, as well as the home.

Units from Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Mason and Antelope valleys responded to either cover the rest of East Fork’s district or to help fight the fire.

Douglas County deputies helped with crowd control and alerting neighbors to the fire.

Water was a major issue for firefighters in the community.

Several water tenders responded to the fire from across the East Fork District including Sunridge and Genoa.

Forward progress of the wildfire was stopped at 1 acre at 1:15 p.m., so firefighters could focus on extinguishing the house, which was still sending up a smoke plume at 2:30 p.m. Firefighters reported stop loss at 3:31 p.m.