Fire Safe council poster contest educates children |

Fire Safe council poster contest educates children

by Joyce DeVore

Alpine County Fire Safe Council focuses much of its energy and funding on public education. The poster contest at Diamond Valley School is just one of their many projects.

By having a thought provoking-art project at the elementary level, the goal is that children and their families will keep fire safety and emergency preparedness a priority in the home. The prizes are gift certificates for the Scholastic Book Fair, which is held annually in the school library. 

This year’s contest theme is “Five things I couldn’t live without if a disaster struck.”

Student Attendance Services and School Safety Coordinator Dawn Riddle facilitated the contest at the school. She issued instructions to the teachers and distributed supplies for the art. The school librarian and all teachers devoted instructional time to the project.

Members of the Fire Safe Council held an awards ceremony at Diamond Valley School on Oct. 21. All poster entries will be displayed at the Alpine County Library, Alpine County Administration Building and at the Alpine County Superior Court in November.

The winners of this year’s contest are: K-2 grade Madeline Moody, first place, and Kate Easton, second place; 3rd grade Crystal Bennet, first place, and Leo Coyan, second place; 4th grade Mercy Medicine Crow, first place, Jed Easton, second place; 5th grade Mckinna Jackson, first place, Chantel Bagshaw, second place; 6th grade Courtney Brothers, first place, Cole Jackson, second place; 7th grade Hunter Celio, first place, Landon Matlock, second place; 8th grade, Ubaldo Gomez, first place, Dion Mortimer, second place. 

Shirley Taylor and Kris Hartnett, both members of the Fire Safe Council, are working with Fire Wise, part of the US Forest Service, to obtain money for the supplies and prizes.

The Fire Safe Council is also sponsoring a free chipping program, a burn pile for green waste, and defensible space inspections.  The committee is planning wildfire preparedness meetings for the public sometime next spring.

The council always needs representation and support.  The meetings are open to the public and take place the last Monday of each month at 6 p.m. The location of meetings alternates between the Markleeville and Woodfords Fire Departments. 

Call Chairperson Kris Hartnet at 694.1879 for more information.