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East Fork Fire District reviews grand jury report

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There might not have been an independent East Fork Fire Protection District board, if it hadn’t been for a Douglas County grand jury recommendation.

On April 17, the district board officially acknowledged the 2018 grand jury report, which gave firefighters a clean bill of health.

“We have always taken these reports seriously,” East Fork Chief Tod Carlini said. “The amount of effort that goes into such a document should be acknowledged officially.”

Carlini has seen three grand jury reports in his 17 years managing the district.

The District Board discussed the issues raised in the report regarding employee theft, fraud, and abuse.

Board Secretary Barbara Griffin, who served on the grand jury, abstained from any participation in the Fire District review.

District managers have provided presentations to the new board regarding the internal controls it has in place to prevent similar issues that have plagued Douglas County’s Vehicle Maintenance for years, Carlini said.

Three other Grand Jury members were in attendance and all provided additional public comment on the process.

In a letter to judges Tod Young and Thomas Gregory, the district acknowledged receipt of the report.

“The District officially reviewed and acknowledged the section dedicated to a review of the East Fork Fire Protection District,” Carlini said.

Administrators and staff who were interviewed or who gave tours said in the letter that they were impressed with jurors’ level of questioning and observations.

District board members voted 5-0 and authorized board President Bernie Curtis to sign the letter.

A copy of the acknowledgment letter can be found on the East Fork Fire Protection District website in the April 17, 2018 Board Meeting documents. The entire Grand Jury Report is also included. The District’s website is eastforkfire.org.