Final 2000 campaign expense and contribution reports filed |

Final 2000 campaign expense and contribution reports filed

by Christy Chalmers

The 2000 general election is two months past, but the participants have just finished balancing their campaign ledgers.

Final campaign expense and contribution reports were due Jan. 16, and all but a few candidates filed reports with the Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer’s office.

Many races were uncontested, and some candidates didn’t raise any money in the third reporting period, which lasted from Oct. 26 to Jan. 15.

Those who did include Area 3 school board trustee George Echan, who reported $1,132 of a total $7,692 raised during that time; his opponent, Bill Laughlin, who raised all of his $450 then; and Tahoe Township Justice of the Peace Richard Glasson, who collected $2,375 of a total $14,346. Area 7 school board candidate Charles Pullen raised $100 of the $200 total he reported after Oct. 26.

A few candidates had money left over. Unsuccessful Area 4 school board candidate John Raker emptied his campaign account by giving the remaining $37.93 to the Douglas High School Band for its trip to Washington, D.C., to play at the Inaugural Parade.

Randy Green, who won the Area 4 school board seat but was disqualified because he teaches at Douglas High School, reported expenses of $546 and contributions of $1,350.

District 5 County Commissioner Kelly Kite gave $324.55 to the Carson Valley Orchestra from his campaign fund. District 1 County Commissioner Steve Weissinger reported he still has nearly $3,000 of the $6,500 he raised.

The Douglas County Professional Education Association reported expenses of $15,500 and contributions of $8,069.

The Douglas County Agriculture and Open Space Preservation Committee logged $64,972 in contributions and $62,640 in expenses, according to a report filed Jan. 5 with the Secretary of State’s office.

The group promoted an unsuccessful bid to raise the county’s sales tax by a quarter-cent and use the money to preserve undeveloped land.

The group’s report says more than $10,000 was raised after Oct. 26, including a $3,554 contribution from The Nature Conservancy Action Fund made Dec. 11. Harvey’s Tahoe Management gave the group $5,000 Oct. 31, a week before the election.