Fight investigation continues |

Fight investigation continues

Michael Schneider

Sheriff’s investigators say they are still about a week away from understanding what really happened May 16 in Johnson Lane when youths from Douglas and Carson met for a one-on-one fist fight and about 40 youths wound up brawling, some with weapons.

“I hope by the end of next week to have it all put together,” said Detective Roger Wheeler of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Anne Goldberg, aunt of Josh Goldberg, 19, the combatant on the Douglas side, the Douglas teens were the victims.

She said Josh went to the Johnson Lane site to fight a Carson City juvenile who she said had attacked him two weeks prior with five of his friends.

She said the two fought with Josh on May 16, getting the better of the exchange, and, as Josh was walking away, he was struck from behind repeatedly in the head with a steel bat.

Goldberg said her nephew was taken by CareFlight to Washoe Medical Center and is currently resting at home with brain hemorrhages.

She said doctors won’t know if there is any permanent brain damage until the swelling subsides. However, she is encouraged by his seemingly intact motor skills.

“I’m surprised there weren’t more kids hurt,” said Anne Goldberg. “The Carson kids were trying to do damage.”

Also taken to the hospital was James Goldberg, Josh’s father. Anne said James heard his son was to be involved in the fight and went to the site. She said when he arrived, Goldberg saw his son lying on the ground and was himself hurt trying to help Josh.

Anne Goldberg’s statements contradict the original police reports taken from participants and witnesses to the fight.

According to Carson youths, the incident began when a yellow truck carrying a load of Carson teens in the bed, was attacked by a group of Douglas youths as they drove past the group.

According to the Carson youths’ statements, the teens in the yellow truck were pulled out of the bed and beaten with various weapons.

Anne Goldberg said the yellow truck was used by the Carson teens to entice the Douglas youths. She claimed there were no weapons used by anyone on the Douglas side.

“They (the Douglas teens) had no weapons and they got hurt, seriously,” said Goldberg. “They’re a little too naive, maybe.”

Wheeler said although the details are still coming in, the truth may lie somewhere in between.

As of Thursday, Wheeler had this account:

Two youths (Josh and the Carson juvenile) wanted to fight. Through a third party they mutually agreed to fight on the hill at the end of the pavement on Johnson Lane.

Each party showed up with friends in case the other camp decided to not fight fair. There were some Carson youths who had ulterior motives for being there, they wanted to fight other Douglas teens, and may have provoked some of the Douglas youths into fighting who were just there to moderate.

During the fight, the Carson teens began to display various weapons such as bats and clubs prompting the Douglas youths to get their weapons.

Witnesses said Josh was knocked senseless and fell to the ground.

His father arrived and was hit in the head with a bottle and had to be taken to Carson Tahoe Hospital for stitches.

Thirty-seven people have been identified in the area so far.

Wheeler said that no charges will be pursued against any youths who fought with their fist. If he can find out who hit whom with weapons and who struck James Goldberg with the bottle, those parties may be charged with battery, breach of peace and disturbing the peace.