Fight erupts between Carson, Douglas teens |

Fight erupts between Carson, Douglas teens

Michael Schneider

What was supposed to be a one-on-one fight between one boy from Carson City and another from Douglas County turned into a 40-person brawl on a hill in the Johnson Lane area Friday night.

Joshua James Goldberg, 19, of Gardnerville, one of the two combatants, was flown to Washoe Medical Center with head injuries. Another combatant, a juvenile, was taken by ambulance to Carson-Tahoe Hospital with multiple injuries.

Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call at 7:15 p.m. alleging a fight involving many persons and weapons. When deputies arrived, they observed several persons and vehicles on the hill to the northeast of the end of the pavement on Johnson Lane.

As deputies traveled up the hill, two cars loaded with young people came towards them. Nevada Highway Patrol troopers stopped the cars and deputies continued up the hill.

Once they arrived at the actual scene of the brawl, deputies observed three males loading another male, who appeared to be nearly unconscious and bleeding from his ear, into a vehicle. Another one of the males had a large bleeding wound on the right side of his face.

James David Goldberg, 40, of Gardnerville, who was charged with affray, was loading his injured son, Josh Goldberg, into the vehicle. The younger Goldberg was also charged with affray.

Deputies said when he saw another male by the NHP troopers, he started toward the male.

“I’m going to kill you,” deputies quoted the senior Goldberg as saying to the other male. Deputies then restrained Goldberg and the other male who began making fighting gestures toward Goldberg.

At the scene, deputies arrested four subjects for minor consuming alcohol and found various weapons including a bar with a rubber handle and a bat. Among those arrested for minor consuming was Bart Lee George, 20, of Carson City.

Also arrested while leaving the scene was Trevor Eugene Reichard, 20, of Carson City. Reichard was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Reichard appeared before Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl Monday morning to tell the judge he just went to the battle site to watch.

“I was going up there to see what all the fuss was about,” said Reichard. He was sentenced to one year of probation and a six-month suspended jail sentence.

Deputies canvassed the area, apprehending mostly Carson teens. As one girl interviewed by police said, the Douglas youths got away because they all knew the back ways out of Johnson Lane.

One deputy stopped two vehicles at the Johnson Lane Park on Stephanie Way soon after the fracas. Deputies confiscated an aluminum pole, a hockey stick, a wooden golf club, axe handles, wooden sticks and an aluminum bat from the vehicles. The subjects were not arrested.

Washoe Tribal officers who arrived on the scene in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, were sent up a dirt hill after a group of presumably Douglas youths. The tribal officers were unable to apprehend the subjects, but did find three bats, two pipes and a wooden stick wrapped in tape.

According to police interviews of witnesses and those involved, the hard feelings between Carson and Douglas grew out of an incident at a party two weeks ago. Witnesses said boys from the two communities fought at the party but the issue was yet to be resolved.

One 15-year-old witness from Carson City told authorities the Carson side came to Douglas to work things out. She arrived on the scene first with two other female friends. She said the rest of the Carson side was following.

She said the youths she was with saw all the Douglas teens coming at them and knew there’d be a fight so they turned around. She said the Douglas youths rushed them and threw rocks at their cars so they stopped.

The witness said the Douglas teens then pulled the Carson youths from their vehicles and hit them with rocks and bats and attacked them with pepper spray.

One 17-year-old Carson High senior said she got there and noticed 25 Douglas youths waiting at the top of the hill. She said a yellow truck with Carson teens came up first and was met with a thrown beer bottle. Seven or eight Douglas youths ran up to the truck and began to accost the Carson teens in the back, she said.

The Douglas youths began punching them and throwing rocks at them prompting the truck to turn around and try to leave. She said the Douglas youths pulled the Carson teens out of the back and, “beat them and pounded their heads into the ground.”

Then, she said, all the other Carson youths tried to leave but were bombarded with rocks and bats.

She said she saw a Douglas teen lying on the ground apparently badly hurt.

“Who did this, they’re dead,” she quoted a Douglas youth as saying before he jumped a Carson teen.

The witness said someone yelled “cops” and all the Douglas teens scrambled towards her to get to their vehicles.

One boy from Carson who was involved told deputies the fight was to be one-on one. He said the other Carson boys came just in case something happened. He said an older “gentleman,” later allegedly identified as the senior Goldberg, was throwing rocks when he was thrown to the ground by Carson youths. He said another Douglas youth came down the hill and began spraying mace at everyone causing the group to scatter.

One Carson youth who was in the back of the yellow truck said he and his friends didn’t come there to fight, but were the first ones up the hill so they were pulled out of the truck and beaten.

According to the juvenile who was to fight Goldberg, he and Goldberg were scheduled to meet in Johnson Lane Friday night to “settle it.”

The boy, who was arrested for affray, said he and his Carson friends parked at the bottom of the hill. He said as he was walking up the hill, 15 to 20 Douglas youths began running down the hill towards him. He said he was overtaken by the group, which contained Goldberg.

He said Goldberg held him while he told the other boys to beat him. According to the boy’s statement, his friends rushed up the hill to come to his aid and got the Douglas youths away from him. The boy said he then hit Goldberg a couple times.

Although the incident is still being investigated and other people may be charged by authorities, DHS vice principal Juanita Lamley said, “We have no authority over kids on weekends.”

She said the only possible disciplinary action the school could take would be if any of the DHS students involved were athletes and violated the terms of their athletic contracts.

She said Josh Goldberg is not currently a student at DHS.

Representatives from Washoe Medical Center said the younger Goldberg was discharged Sunday.