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Fence in works for Johnson Lane Park

Staff Reports

County Manager Larry Werner appears on The R-C Running Commentary monthly. Here is a transcript from Wednesday’s discussion.

Q. Bob in Johnson Lane is concerned that runaway basketballs at the new courts up there are ending up in Stephanie. Is there a plan to put up a fence?

A. Yes, a fence will be going up – the Park’s Department is working on the details now.

Q. Have you received any indication about how much money the Douglas County gas tax has actually raised since it was implemented in February?

A. I will have to ask Finance for the actual amount – I do know that we are on track rough estimate of about $900,000 per year.

Q. The Gardnerville Ranchos district is installing water meters to help reduce water use, which has prompted one resident to call for it to be dissolved. Isn’t requiring meters one of the county’s first actions when taking over a water system?

A. The Douglas County Valley systems are metered and I would suppose that we assumed operation of a valley system we also would require meters.

Q. During discussion last week on the county audit there was concern that should the Public Employee Retirement System go defunct it would be a county liability. Do you have an estimate of how much that would be?

A. I would need to talk to Finance to get the exact number – but for the liability to reach the County, the PERS system would have to completely fail.

Q. This year began with pipeline being installed along Jacks Valley Road for the Clear Creek development, but that work stopped at Washoe land. Do you know when that work will start again and what the hold-up was?

A. We are continuing discussions with the Washoe Tribe in an attempt to reach an agreement that benefits both the Washoes and the County. We don’t have an estimated completion date as of yet.

Q. The county hasn’t had much snow removal to do so far this winter. With another storm coming, what are the county’s priorities for snow removal?

A. Plowing will follow the priority program that is available for viewing on the County’s website. Basically it’s the arterials, collectors, – the high traffic streets.

Q. The Legislature is starting next year. Any particular concerns for the upcoming session. Anything you’re hoping will come out of the session.

A. Mainly we’ve been in a “defensive” mode, the County has not asked for any new legislation but we do monitor the bill drafts for potential impacts.

Q. It looks like another year without the lands bill making it through Congress. Do you have an update on how that’s going?

A. The Lands Bill is on hold until the new Congress meets – we’ll continue to monitor.

Q. Does the County have any projects associated with the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act? If so what are some of the larger ones?

A. The fuel reductions program through the Tahoe Douglas Fire District continues but the County does not have any specific projects at this time.

Currently the only projects that the County does through SNPLAMA are the conservation easements.

Q. We had some sad news on this front this week. Are there any new businesses coming to the county that you can tell us about?

A. I don’t know of anything specific – we’re always hopeful. Merry Christmas to you and your staff.

Q. What are your plans for Christmas?

A. We’re encouraging that everyone have a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. Personally, I’m excited to have family join Marie and I at home.