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Felon sent to prison in Carson auto theft

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A 23-year-old Sacramento man was sentenced to six years in Nevada State Prison after admitting he took a motor vehicle.

Chad Thomas told Judge Michael Gibbons on Monday that he hoped to be sentenced to drug court so he could get off drugs.

Thomas had been released from Folsom State Prison on Dec. 31, 2004.

“When I’m off drugs, I’m a different person,” he said. “It’s a real Jekyl and Hyde thing.”

Defense attorney Tod Young told Gibbons that drug court might be a good alternative to prison for Thomas.

“Prison hasn’t worked yet,” Young said. “The mitigating factors in this case aren’t in the facts of the case, but what is inside his head and what is in his heart.”

Thomas was arrested March 5 with a 19-year-old California man after the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a man spotted his car, which had been stolen the night before in Carson City, in a Minden parking lot.

According to the owner, the Honda Civic contained a safe and a pit bull puppy when he stopped at a Carson hotel to inquire about a room.

Prosecutor Dina Salvucci argued that Thomas was in Folsom Prison for a violent offense in California.

In addition to the prison term, Gibbons ordered Thomas to pay $3,298 in restitution. Thomas’ Nevada sentence was ordered to run consecutive to whatever sentence he is given in California for violating his parole.

— Jens Dressler, a chef who left the country after being accused of taking money from the restaurant where he worked, was sentenced to a suspended 30-month sentence in Nevada State Prison and to pay $3,712 in restitution.

Dressler was accused of slipping money out of a bank bag and forging a $1,400 check at a casino. A warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear in court on Nov. 19, 2004.

He was arrested in Los Angeles on re-entering the country on March 7 and pleaded guilty to uttering a forged instrument.

Defense attorney Tod Young told Judge Michael Gibbons that Dressler returned to the United States of his own accord, knowing he would be arrested on a warrant.

“He came back because he imprisoned himself away from his family,” Young said of Dressler who went to Europe.

Dressler said his gambling habit led to his difficulties.

— A Gardnerville man admitted to writing nearly $12,000 in bad checks to support his drug habit.

Nicholas G. Demetriou, 28, pleaded guilty to one count of uttering a forged instrument. Judge Michael Gibbons permitted Demetriou to attend drug court while awaiting sentencing in the case. Demetriou faces 1-4 years in prison. Drug court would be a condition of probation, which would be determined at his sentencing on June 6. Defense attorney Tod Young said Demetriou received a loan from his uncle to pay off the restitution.